Gary’s New Web Site

Gary Craig has released his new web site: which includes new free tutorials and another set of more advanced on line videos, Art of Delivery. Since Gary is asking that we change our EFT training and materials to reflect the new information, as I read and go through the […] Read more »

Accept Yourself – in THIS Moment

Many folks balk at the default acceptance part of the EFT Setup, “I deeply and completely accept myself.” Keep in mind that we are not talking about accepting yourself forever and for everything you ever did – THAT would be tough for everyone. The goal of the acceptance part of […] Read more »

Blocks to success

All changes are scarey and while we may say we do want to change at least part of us doesn’t really want to change. Changes have consequences – some good sometimes not so good. That devil (our problem situation) we know is at least familiar – we’ve worked out ways […] Read more »

On Insecurity

I have not written a new blog post now for about 6 months. Goes against everything I’ve read about blogging. Bad girl!! Yes, I’ve been busy. Yes, I’ve traveled a lot. Yes, I have lots of excuses. But, that’s no excuse. Nobody who knows me well would consider me as […] Read more »