It’s All about Respect

It is difficult to have any kind of meaningful relationship without respect. That holds true whether the relationship is with your spouse, your friends, your family, your coworkers, your boss, and yes, even children. I was interviewed by Jondi Whitis and Sue Tarlton of EFT Radio on line about using R-E-S-P-E-C-T […] Read more »

Don’t Forget the PPP

The Personal Peace Procedure can be very useful both when using EFT on your own and when you work with a client. Most people describe their troubles with one or more fairly general presenting complaints such as: I’ll never find anyone, I am always passed over, I am miserable, I’m […] Read more »

Introducing EFT

Explaining EFT to clients is the first step to using it. Because finding and developing a “specific” event, emotion or physical feeling is so important when using EFT I stress that aspect of EFT from the very beginning. Here’s the essence of what I say: EFT stands for Emotional Freedom […] Read more »

Trainers: How well do your students remember?

You worked really hard during your EFT workshop to get all of the EFT concepts across clearly and give your students a meaningful experience. So now your students know EFT, right? Um… well maybe not so much. Studies show that after a workshop or class, students may remember only 20 […] Read more »

So you learned EFT from a website…

If you Google “Emotional Freedom Techniques,” you get something like a million results. Maybe you heard of EFT and learned how to use it on the web. There are some pretty good free resources. Some of the videos of the tapping points are especially nice. From a mix of websites, […] Read more »

EFT Limericks

I love limericks and enjoy writing them. It’s another favorite diversion. Here’s one on EFT. ME and EFT There is a lady named Ann Doing the best that she can She came upon EFT Said, “Wow! That’s for me.” Now she’s EFT’s greatest fan. Keep in mind I didn’t say […] Read more »

Pressure Washing

My favorite “yard tool” is my pressure washer. Using my pressure washer is great self care. I’m outside, away from the computer. It gives me a quick sense of accomplishment. I start it up and the water comes out and I watch whatever I focus on change from dirty to […] Read more »