On Annoyance

Writing the earlier blog on “all you have to do is…” reminded me of a conversation I had once with Gary Craig. We were talking about the multiple views people had on a particular topic. One person in particular was pushing their agenda around the issue. I mentioned to Gary […] Read more »

All You Have to Do Is…

I’ve done lots and lots and lots of tapping. But there is one thing that anyone can say that will annoy me instantly. Just start a sentence in a conversation with me with, “All you have to do is…” Uh, oh! All my resistance and walls go up and nothing […] Read more »

Stealthy Tapping

I teach all my clients “stealthy tapping.” We simply play around with various natural touches that can be used anywhere anytime. Rubbing our finger under our nose, or posing with a bent finger on our chin, or scratching our heads or under our arms, or placing our fingers around our […] Read more »

Sample of the Level 1 Book

Folks have asked, “So what’s different about your book from other EFT books out there?” It’s always better to “show” something than say it so here is a link to the third chapter, Before You Tap from the new book EFT Level 1 Comprehensive Training Resources. So click on this link and […] Read more »

Getting to the Specific

In my training classes I teach the mantra “For results that are terrific, it’s best to be specific.”  If you’ve listened to many audio or video demos or tap alongs you may note that the “scripts” they use are not very specific. After all, it is tough to get really specific if […] Read more »

Copyright versus Copywrite

I made a common mistake in word use yesterday. No excuse, I even know better. But I did it in haste. I used the term copywritten when what I meant was that it had been copyrighted. My college linguistics professor niece was quick to point out the error of my […] Read more »

Who is on YOUR Team?

I was quoted on a radio show last week (Living Energy Secrets). My ego loves hearing my words come back to me. This quote concerned a lesson I stress to my EFT students; develop your “team” of support people as backup, mentors, and community resources before you start  working with people […] Read more »

On Children – on Specialty Series

I learned about EFT in 1999. After studying and practicing EFT in my non work life I called Gary Craig to ask about others who had used EFT with kids. Gary gave me some resources and I called them for some assurance and guidance – at the time there were […] Read more »

Why I Became Interested in EFT

In 1992 I set up and ran a large children’s outpatient mental health clinic covering 6 counties in North Georgia. The program received a good bit of recognition and was modeled all over the state – I was fortunate to be able to develop the clinic with the most state […] Read more »