Calming a Child the “Old” Way

She was about six, her clothes torn, her long brown hair straggly, holding tightly to the hand of an aunt as the ER medics brought her mother in for treatment after a tornado over turned their trailer. I was on call at a local emergency room. As they took the […] Read more »

How I Wrote My First Book

Gary Craig often suggested for marketing purposes that writing a book on something makes us an “author”ity. I’d never thought about writing a book before. Seemed to me a LOT of work for little payback – unless you were Stephen King or Ken Follett. But, so far in the last […] Read more »

Reality Sucks

Reality Sucks! I struggle with the reality that as humans we will always have “issues.” I don’t want to have “issues.” When my issues are painful I want it fixed NOW – I sure do! I want it easy and quick. EFT often does that, which is what makes it […] Read more »

Letting Negative Emotions Go

It is not that we are never to experience negative emotions. As humans we will experience an entire range of emotions – and actually that is a good thing. The “trick” is to not have a negative emotion come home to roost. We observe it, identify it, accept it  and let the negative emotion […] Read more »

Shifting Attention to Your BIG Toe

NLP or neurolinguistic programming impacted Gary Craig’s development of EFT. EFT is my top modality because it is quick and easy and has a very high success rate. My second favorite modality is NLP for the same reason; it is quick and easy and has a very high success rate. In […] Read more »

On Certification

People often ask me about certification in EFT. My answer is always the same. Be clear as to why you want certification. How will it change your business?  How will having that certification increase or improve your business? In what way will it increase your credibility? If you already have […] Read more »

12 Readers per Blog??

Where did I get that number? There are about 2 billion internet users. The royal.pingdom web site reported that of the end of 2010 there were 152 million blogs.   Doing the math that makes right at 12 people available to read each blog.  According to posts on one of the […] Read more »

Morkie and the Blog

Morkie is half Maltese and half Yorkshire Terrier and the “apple of my eye.”  His second birthday is shared with the birth of this blog.  September 6, 2011. He is very cute, very loving, very patient. He has long hair on his feet and absolutely loves to run. Watching him run […] Read more »

On Beginning

“The only thing stronger than the urge to give advice to others is their ability to ignore it.”  That is what my friends call an “Annism.”   An Annism is my particular take on the “truth.”  The truth, of course, as I see it.  :-) That Annism on advice, let me rush to assure […] Read more »