The EFT Flow Chart

The EFT Flow Chart How to best use the Flow Chart with EFT Internet Radio host Judy Wolvington. Created especially for EFT students, this chart helps to understand the flow of EFT techniques through various intensity levels as you are working with a client. This is hands down the most […] Read more »

Are you as “gifted” as Mozart?

“Why are some people so good at what they do whereas others struggle with the most basic of tasks? Have you ever wondered if you were capable of achieving more in your work and life?” This is how the guest blogger Jeff Goins, author of How to Become Better Than […] Read more »

On Being “too” Real

Charlie asks, “What do you like to do?”  I smile and answer, “One of the things I like to do is to call a friend and meet at the park to take walk or go watch a game.” Couple of months later, Gene asks me the same question, “What do […] Read more »

Ready, Willing and Able?

Roshane lost trust in his practitioner and stopped sessions. He indicated that the practitioner may have attempted to do “too much too fast” or “was pushing own agenda” when he wanted more time to process and was uncomfortable with the way the practitioner “pushed” him for finding a specific event. […] Read more »


There are many energy practitioners who are highly skilled in using muscle testing in their work. Many find muscle testing of some sort helpful and use it frequently. I do think it is a potentially very helpful skill to learn. In trained hands it can be a useful tool to […] Read more »

Gary. Screaming.

Here is Gary – on the floor – screaming. Gary’s chart read like a horror story – only for Gary it was not fiction. “Gary” is tall for his age of 9 and very lanky, preferring his pajamas to clothes. He gets his bath and puts on his pajamas at […] Read more »

Teaching Kids to Tap

[Update note: I was the Campus Director for a residential treatment program for severely emotionally challenged children from 1999 to 2005. I used EFT with the children during this time and wrote many stories for Gary Craig’s web site while working at the program. I left the program to direct […] Read more »

EFT and Index Cards

I’ve been a fan of 3X5 index cards since college days when, in what would be considered prehistoric times by today’s college students, I wrote notes and quotes on index cards to arrange in order to complete college papers using a manual typewriter. I still use index cards, now for […] Read more »