EFT Training

ATLANTA – December 5, 6, 7, 2014 Using EFT Professionally – EFT Level 1 and 2 Learn to integrate EFT effectively into whatever you already do for better results, faster, more effectively and increased client satisfaction. Here’s what helping professionals had to say about learning to integrate EFT into their […] Read more »

What do VETs really want in therapy?

How Veterans Perceive Therapy and Therapists Only 50% of veterans with distress ever come for services. Of the half that do walk into the “Behavioral Health” services door, you have only about 20 minutes to show them you “get them” before 60% decide to drop out after the first visit. […] Read more »

Difference in Movie Technique and Tell the Story

While initially Gary often used the terms the Movie Technique and Tell the Story interchangeably he now clarifies them separately. The main difference? Privacy. The movie is done silently in their head, Tell the Story, as the terms indicates, is told out loud. In Tell the Story the person does […] Read more »

My thoughts about scripts

Scripts abound on the internet. Scripts have enabled many more people to be introduced to EFT and experience some of the benefits. Some of the people doing these scripts are very fluent – sometimes it’s almost like hearing poetry! Impressive. And, scripts are effective often enough for people to begin […] Read more »

Working in the Dark

Sometimes in working with children – or adults – they may not want to share what they are really upset about. They want to feel better – yes – but they don’t want to talk about it.  When I was at the residential program for children I often didn’t have […] Read more »

Presenting EFT – Being Specific

I have presented EFT many, many times in various public forums, conferences, and agency groups.  I am a serious proselytizer for EFT. Most of these presentations were only brief introductions to EFT, from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Because of the short time frames I utilize group tapping instead of […] Read more »

Teaching EFT to Children

After studying EFT (in 1999) for months and practicing on all sorts of willing folks, I began teaching EFT to the kids at the residential treatment program in 2000. (I left the treatment program in 2005.) We treated severely emotionally disturbed kids age 7 – 17, with IQs from 60 […] Read more »